JVL QuickStep Products

JVL HLMT Rotary Actuators for ServoStep and MAC Motor

Manufactured by: JVL QuickStep
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782 [email protected]

A series of Hollow Rotary Actuators that offer the easiest possible installation of rotary table applications. Depending on the application you can choose between servo and stepper motors with or without built-in (absolute) encoders.

Mechanically they are ready to install and mounting of rotating discs has never been easier.

This solution is offered with drives integrated to the motor and provide a large range of connectivity to all major industrial protocols including EtherCAT, Modbus, etc.

In this series there is a choice 54 combinations:

  • 5 Nm to 142 Nm output torque
  • Gear ratios from 5:1 to 100:1
  • High moment carrying capacities
  • Very low backlash
  • IP65 sealing