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Pfaff Rack and Pinion Jacks

Pfaff Mechanical Rack and Pinion Jacks
Floor or wall-mounted
Capacitates up to 10,000 kg

Rack and Pinion jacks are cost effective lift, push or pull jacks that can be used with all kinds of loads in maintenance and repair, ship building, construction, forestry, agricultural equipment, truck body lifting and sluice gate operation.


  • Floor mounted versions where load is applied to either a claw or the head of the jack.
  • Wall mounted versions are used with chains or wire rope
  • Optional crank handles for various situations
  • By turning the crank handle the jack moves the rack.
  • The load is held securely in any position via the crank handle.
  • Models available with a height adjustable claw which allows loads to be picked up from different heights.
  • Optional shoe foot with a wide base for steady jack placement between railway sleepers.
  • Optional body lifting versions with baseplate and mobility wheels
  • Complete range of interconnecting gearboxes for multi-jack installations

Manufactured by: Columbus McKinnon
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Pfaff Rack and Pinion Jacks