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Haydon Kerk Linear Motion Catalogue & Design Guide for Actuators & Drives – Part 2

Manufactured by: Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

The stepper linear actuator product line offers an effective solution that simplifies the conventional way of translating rotary into linear motion. The rotary-to-linear conversion is unique; it takes place within the motor itself therefore eliminating the use of belts and pulleys, rack and pinion and other mechanical components. There’s a detailed tutorial at the beginning of Section 2 that explains the technology. There are 2 sub-families of stepper motor actuators (Product Summary on page 56) Hybrid Linear Actuators (Overview on page 75) Footprint: 21 mm to 87 mm (0.8-in to 3.4-in) square Force Output: 2 N to 2200 N (0.5 lb to 500 lb) Linear Travel/step: 1.5 to 127 microns/step (0.00006-in to 0.005-in)/step Can-Stack Linear Actuators (Overview on page 130) Footprint: 15 mm to 46 mm (0.59-in to 1.8-in) diameter Force Output: 7 N to 260 N (1.6 lb to 58 lb) Linear Travel/step: 20 to 400 microns/step (0.0008-in to 0.016-in)/step

LEA3 Series Actuator

Manufactured by: Various
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

  • Small industrial actuators
  • Low cost
  • Double clevis mount
  • 12 and 24vDC
  • Up to 750N thrust
  • Up to 300mm stroke
  • Up to 45mm/sec travel rate
  • IP65 sealing option
  • Potentiometer feedback option
  • Available from stock

Serapid RigiBelt Linear Telescopic Actuator

Manufactured by: Serapid
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

Serapid, the leader in mechanical lifts and telescopic actuators based on its Rigid Chain Technology, introduces a non magnetic actuator. The RigiBelt has two belts which come together like a zipper to form a rigid column.
The belts of the RigiBelt are made of reinforced plastic and therefore are entirely non magnetic. It moves smoothly while telescoping in and out of its drive.
All of Serapid’s linear telescopic actuators are entirely mechanical, which make them environmentally friendly and suitable for clean-room conditions. East system has suitable configuration and can be customized as needed.
The RigiBelt has non corrosive properties, and is compact and adaptable. It is able to fit into any product or machine.

Servomech Cylinders

Manufactured by: Servomech s.p.a
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

Servomech electromechanical cylinders are available with high precision ball screw and acme screw drive. High linear speed even at high loads, improved efficiency by reducing energy  consumption, better control of position, speed and force, great positioning accuracy and repeatability are only some of the reasons that make them the right alternative to hydraulic cylinders. Also
available on different assembly configurations for a total interchangeability with the existing hydraulic units.
SERVOMECH heavy duty electromechanical cylinders consist of 3 main series: ATL and BSA Series, ILA Series, HSA Series.

JVL HLMT Rotary Actuators for ServoStep and MAC Motor

Manufactured by: JVL QuickStep
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

A series of Hollow Rotary Actuators that offer the easiest possible installation of rotary table applications. Depending on the application you can choose between servo and stepper motors with or without built-in (absolute) encoders.

Mechanically they are ready to install and mounting of rotating discs has never been easier.

This solution is offered with drives integrated to the motor and provide a large range of connectivity to all major industrial protocols including EtherCAT, Modbus, etc.

In this series there is a choice 54 combinations:

  • 5 Nm to 142 Nm output torque
  • Gear ratios from 5:1 to 100:1
  • High moment carrying capacities
  • Very low backlash
  • IP65 sealing

Kollmorgen Linear Positioners

Manufactured by: Kollmorgen
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

Kollmorgen offers electric cylinder drive mechanisms designed around either lead screws or ballscrews. Ballscrews, being the more efficient of the two, utilize ballnuts riding on recirculating ball bearings resulting in higher speeds, loads and cycle rates. Electric Cylinders are preferred when: Positioning an externally guided and supported load, moving a load that pivots, there is a high concentration of airborne contaminants (rodless positioners are inherently less well protected), replacing a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder with an electro-mechanical solution, brushless Servo with encoder or resolver feedback, stepper motors are also available, thrust up to 25000 N [5620 lb], and speed up to 1.3 m/s [52.5 in/s]

Columbus McKinnon Phoenix Telescopic Lifting Column

Manufactured by: Pfaff-silberblau
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

The ‘PHOENIX’ telescopic lifting column is a compact lifting system with integrated guiding arrangements made of high quality, anodized precision aluminium profiles, worm gear screw jacsk from the MERKUR range and directly mounted motor. They can be used independently or as a complete lifting system. Synchronisation can be effected electric or via a mechanical connection by means of articulated shafts. Loads to 25,000N, 1000mm stroke.

Duff-Norton Linear Actuators

Manufactured by: Duff-Norton
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited Ph +61 2 9524 4782

Duff-Norton linear actuator products are specially designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Our actuators are used for opening and closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting, lowering and positioning.