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Haydon Kerk Linear Motion Catalogue & Design Guide for Actuators & Drives – Part 2

Manufactured by: Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions
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The stepper linear actuator product line offers an effective solution that simplifies the conventional way of translating rotary into linear motion. The rotary-to-linear conversion is unique; it takes place within the motor itself therefore eliminating the use of belts and pulleys, rack and pinion and other mechanical components. There’s a detailed tutorial at the beginning of Section 2 that explains the technology. There are 2 sub-families of stepper motor actuators (Product Summary on page 56) Hybrid Linear Actuators (Overview on page 75) Footprint: 21 mm to 87 mm (0.8-in to 3.4-in) square Force Output: 2 N to 2200 N (0.5 lb to 500 lb) Linear Travel/step: 1.5 to 127 microns/step (0.00006-in to 0.005-in)/step Can-Stack Linear Actuators (Overview on page 130) Footprint: 15 mm to 46 mm (0.59-in to 1.8-in) diameter Force Output: 7 N to 260 N (1.6 lb to 58 lb) Linear Travel/step: 20 to 400 microns/step (0.0008-in to 0.016-in)/step

LinMot Miniature Linear Motors and Modules

Manufactured by: LinMot
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Ltd. Ph +61 2 9524 4782.

Miniature direct drive linear motors of tubular ironless construction with LinMot digital drives are very compact size and suitable for applications that lack space.
Linear modules are motors ready to use with integrated linear guides and linear motors. Built with precision ball sliders and rails which allow high force and torque loads.