Drive Slew Ring Application Compendium

Drive slew rings consist of a slew bearing, worm shaft, housing, shaft bearings and a motor in an integrated package with a hollow bore. The motor drives the worm shaft which in turn drives the outer ring of slew bearing causing it to rotate. The outer ring is attached to a rotating flange while the inner ring of the drive slew ring slewing bearing is fixed to the stationary housing.

Designed to carry combined axial and radial loads as well as a tilting moment
Horizontal or vertical mounts
Dual axis versions available
Dual drive versions to provide very high drive torque
Electric (AC, DC, geared) or hydraulic motors

Solar tracking for dish/array/through sung tracking
Wheel drive
Winch drive
Mining equipment (eg rock grab)
Construction Machinery (eg crane slew)
Welding Equipment (eg manipulator)
Automation (eg robot rotation)

11 frames sizes, 80 to 400mm worm centre distance
Frane OD from 152mm to 845mm
Rated max. torque from 400 to 150,000 Nm
Rated static radial load from 16.6 to 945 kN
Rated static axial load from 30 to 2360 kN
Through bore
Low profile design
Open or fully sealed versions

Manufactured by: Various
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