Drive Slew Ring Application Compendium


Drive slew rings consist of a slew bearing, worm shaft, housing, shaft bearings and a motor in an integrated package with a hollow bore. The motor drives the worm shaft which in turn drives the outer ring of slew bearing causing it to rotate. The outer ring is attached to a rotating flange while the inner ring of the drive slew ring slewing bearing is fixed to the stationary housing.

  • Designed to carry combined axial and radial loads as well as a tilting moment
  • Horizontal or vertical mounts
  • Dual axis versions available
  • Dual drive versions to provide very high drive torque
  • Electric (AC, DC, geared) or hydraulic motors
  • Solar tracking for dish/array/trough sun tracking
  • Industrial
  • Cranes
  • Wheel drive
  • Winch drive
  • Mining equipment (eg rock grab)
  • Construction Machinery (eg crane slew)
  • Welding Equipment (eg manipulator)
  • Automation (eg robot rotation)
  • 11 frames sizes, 80 to 400mm worm centre distance
  • Frame OD from 152mm to 845mm
  • Rated max. torque from 400 to 150,000 Nm
  • Rated static radial load from 16.6 to 945 kN
  • Rated static axial load from 30 2360 kN
  • Through bore
  • Low profile design
  • Open or fully sealed versions
Manufactured by: Various
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