Kollmorgen Electric Cylinder

Kollmorgen Electric Cylinders offer a cost effective solution for linear positioning of supported or pivoting loads. They are descendents of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with many of the same design features but offer the benefit of pr viding a simpler and cleaner transmission.
When high thrust is required these rod type cylinders have the advantage over other linear components because the thrust is transmitted in-line. They also have the advantage of being isolated from the work area so can retract during other operations.
Flexibility in mounting allows either rigid or pivoting options depending on the requirement of the application. In addition to mounting options a wide variety of servo and stepper motor and drive products are offered as an integrated solution to provide the most cost effective combination of thrust, speed and positioning accuracy for your application.

Manufactured by: Kollmorgen
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Ltd. Ph +61 2 9524 4782.