Pittman High Performance Slotless Brushless DC Servo Motors

AMETEK slotless brushless motor designs offer many advantages over conventional slotted stator construction. Negligible magnetic cogging provides improved servo efficiency and enables extremely smooth, quiet motion. Low inductance and high current bandwidth provides precise control. Slotless construction also provides excellent winding head transfer for high thermal efficiency and transient load capacity. These motors are smaller, lighter and more efficient than brush motors with comparable outputs.

AMETEK slotless brushless motors have no teeth to attract the magnets, cogging is eliminated, and the motor produces smooth, quiet rotation. The absence of teeth also provides room for larger and more wire in the windings, which means that slotless motors can generate more torque without a corresponding increase in size. Additionally, the slotless design significantly reduces damping losses. In both slotted and slotless motors, eddy currents are induced as the magnets pass the stator. However, these currents are weaker in slotless motors, because the distance between the stack and the magnets is greater than in slotted motors. This makes slotless brushless motor more efficient than slotted motors.

Manufactured by: Pittman
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