PolyPack Forming Head Inline Shrink Wrap Machines

Polypack’s FIL series machines are intermittent motion total closure shrink wrappers that use a forming head to wrap products with rectangular or round profiles. The FIL can be designed to run everything from small trays to 12 foot or longer rolls. The pack is sealed on both sides and shrunk for increased product protection. Total Closure wraps are resistant to mishandling and warehouse conditions, and they present a nice, continous surface without seals obscuring the branding.
POLYPACK’S FIL SERIES machines are designed to provide complete enclosure of bundles with polyethylene, polyolefin or PVC films. Thiese machines can also be designed to handle print-registered film for retail packaging. These high speed machines are available at speeds of up to 25 cycles per minute, and are available in both horizontal and vertical sealbar configurations.
Automatic collation modules are available for orientation, rotation and stacking.

Manufactured by: PolyPack
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