PolyPack Jacket Pack

With the Jacket Pack™, a sheet of cardboard is die-cut, folded and glued on a single flap. On a traditional RSC, the flaps overlap each other and are located at the bottom and at the top, as the case is erected and then filled from the top. The Jacket Pack™ system reduces the amount of corrugate overlaps down to a single one, and eliminates the top and bottom of the case. A shrink overwrap seals the case, providing superb palletizing strength, product protection and distribution
Polypack Jacket Pack™ system is also available as a double U-Board configuration for glue-free operation.

  • Save up to 50% on corrugated material costs
  • Fast ROI on equipment through material costs alone
  • Provides stacking/palletizing support
  • Jacket is formed tightly around the product
  • Multi-layer packaging capability
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Manufactured by: PolyPack
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