Rollon Clean Room System

The ONE series actuators are belt driven linear actuators specifically designed for Clean Room applications. The ONE series is certified compliant with ISO CLASS 3 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1) and CLASS 1 US FED STD 209E cleanroom standards by the Fraunhofer Institute IPA in Stuttgard.
The ONE series reduces particle contamination using a specially designed straight seal that isolates the internals of the actuator from the environment. In addition to particle containment, the ONE series can support a vacuum pump (up to 0,8 bar) to remove and transport contaminates from the interior of the actuator to filtration sites. The 2 vacuum ports are located
on the drive and idle head.
All internal components of the ONE series actuators are designed to minimize particle release. Component materials are limited to stainless steel. Where stainless steel is not an option, special treatments are used to ensure low particle release.
Special lubrication designed for use in cleanroom or vacuum environments are used for all bearings and linear rails

Manufactured by: Rollon SpA
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Ltd. Ph +61 2 9524 4782.