Rollon Modline

Modline linear modules are ready-to-use linear guide systems with high accuracy, speeds and load performances.
Our experience in the fields of the automotive plants, painting, plate working, manufacturing machines and palletization
systems has allowed us to widen our product range with the most advanced technical solutions.
Our products stand out for their:

  • high quality and competitive performances (profiles up to12m)
  • without play transmissions achieved by high torque couplings
  • beams with transversal stiffening ribs and preset for threads on profile ends
  • accurate scaling and consequent reduced maintenance
  • fast and accurate belt or without play screw drives
  • the most complete range of accessories
    The Modline linear module strong points are:
  • Acomplete series of linear units to build up 3 or more axis cartesian robots
  • Linear modules with linear guides suitable for parallel assembling
  • Choice between strong steel linear guides with rollers or accurate caged ball roller slides and guides
  • Choice between mobile carriage or fixed carriage and mobile profile
  • Wide and complete solutions for control systems programmable cards on request
  • On request: assembling of E-chain cable carriers, reduction units, stiffening angle bars
  • Drawing worked carriage plates
  • Accessories and compatibility for pinion/rack drive unit integrated assembling
Manufactured by: Rollon SpA
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Ltd. Ph +61 2 9524 4782.