Rollon Telescopic Line, Telescopic Rail, Opti Rail & Light Rail

Telescopic Rail
The Telescopic Rail product is made up of seven models with full and partial extension and various cross-sections and intermediate elements in S-shape, I-beam or square. High loads in combination with cost-efficiency and free movement have long been the outstanding properties of the Telescopic Rail product line.
The most important characteristics:
  • high load capacity with low deflection
  • rigid intermediate elements
  • standardised hole locations
  • zero play running even with maximum load
  • space saving design
  • high reliability
Opti Rail
Range of fully extending telescopic rails, extremely compact and highly rigid, with reduced deflection even when the telescopic rail is fully extended. The steel ball bearings ensure a high load capacity.
The most important characteristics:
  • full extension
  • compact construction
  • quiet and smooth operation
  • long life
  • reliable operation
  • 2 types of hole pitch
Light Rail
The Light Rail product family consists of five series with full and partial extensions in a lightweight design. It is ideal for applications in which the mass of the rail is just as important as the bending rigidity.
The most important characteristics:
  • light and quiet running with heavy loads
  • long service life without maintenance
  • effective self-cleaning of the ball track
  • high functional reliability
  • structural elasticity capable of absorbing minor impacts and absence of permanent deformation
  • not sensitive to side impacts
Manufactured by: Rollon SpA
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Ltd. Ph +61 2 9524 4782.