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Catalogues, Software & CAD drawings available at manufacturer’s website:

Driving Elements, Servo Rack & Pinion Systems


Heavy duty industrial and mining gearboxes

 WM Berg

Miniature Precision Mechanical Components
Copley Controls Servo & Stepper Drive Technology Leader


Wide table applications, Scissor lifts

 CPC Cheiftek Linear bearing miniature and standard, Linear servo motor

Delta Tau  High performance motion controller


Ballscrew assemblies
G & L Motion Industrial control market, Motion controllers, Servo motors and drives, Operator interfaces, Software to provide a single-source control solution

Fulling DC Brushless Motors, AC Motors, Stepper Motors, Gear Motors, Brushless Motor Drives

Haydon Kerk  Non-ball Lead Screws, 6.35 to 23.81mm dia and 0.25mm to 75mm lead
Mini Series, 3.18 to 4.76mm dia
Screw Rail
Haydon Kerk Prototypes Shortcut to Haydon Kerk eCommerce website
JVL Integrated Stepper Motor and Drive, Integrated Servo Motor and Drive, Integrated Controls
Kollmorgen Digital Servo Amplifiers, Motion Controllers, Servo Motors & Drives, ServoDisc Motors ,Cartesian Systems, Electric Cylinders, Position Tables, Rotary Tables, Rodless Actuators
LinMot Linear Motors, Guided Actuators, Servo Controllers, MagSpring constant force springs

Nook Actionjac Screw Jacks, Electric Cylinder Actuators, PowerAC Acme Screws, PowerTrac Ball Screws, PowerTrac Linear Systems

Numerik Jena Linear Encoders, Rotary Encoders

 Oemer High Performance electric motors

Pittman Brush DC motor, Brushless servo motor

Pfaff Silberblau Actuators, Bevel Screw Jacks, Worms Screw Jacks, Rack and Pinion Jacks,
Railway Lift Systems, Theatre Lift Systems
 Rollon Compact Rail, Easy Rail, Light Rail, Linear Rolling Bearings, Telescopic Rails,
Linear Modules

RSF Elektronik Linear Encoders, Digital Read Outs
Serapid Linear Beam, Linear Telescopic Lifting Column, Vertical Chains, Horizontal Chains

Servomech Linear Actuators, Screw Jacks

Steinmeyer Precision Ballscrews dia 3 to dia 100mm, Precision Leadscrews dia 3 to dia 12mm,
Roller Screws

Trio Motion  Motion Controller
 Vanta Logo Vanta Packaging Solutions
   Zettlex  Advanced high resolution absolute encoders