Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Rollon Tecline

Rollon Tecline linear system range is suitable for the handling of loads from 10 up to 1000 kg, by manufacturing one or more axis systems according to the customer requirements.

Our main application fields are: robotics, palletization, production line, logistics and manufacturing machines with Cartesian axis movements.

Our products stand out for their:

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • High quality and competitive performances (profiles up to 12 m)
  • Reduced and simplified maintenance
  • Wide range of integrated solutions
  • Possibility of customised solutions
  • Constant technical support and CAD drawings available

Our Tecline linears strong points are:

  • Solid beams obtained from aluminium alloy extruded profiles
  • High-performance aluminium casting alloy plate and preset for tool assembly
  • Adapting plate suitable for any commercial available gearboxes
  • Fixed and oscillating roller slides, which can be adjusted through an eccentric bushing
  • Without play and sealed rollers with a “for life” lubricating system
  • Tempered or induction hardened and machined strong V-shaped steel guide rails
  • Adjustable limit stops provided with rubber buffers
  • Wide range of accessories for 3 or more axis linears

Manufactured by: Rollon
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Rollon Tecline