Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Trio DX5 Servo Drives

Building on the Trio DX series concept of ‘everything you need, nothing more’, DX5 is highly optimised for high axis counts and design to maximise efficiency in all stages of design, installation and operation. It’s optimised hardware is designed to minimise cost in multi-axis motion systems by expanding at the controller and system I-0 level.

  • DX5 drives and Trio’s motion cont roller fully integrated into Motion Perfect
  • EtherCAT network for motion control
  • Zero stacking gap installation
  • Optimised for multi-axis machines
  • 200V ac supply module
  • Dual 750W axis module, supporting 750W and 400W motors
  • Dual 400W axis module, supporting 400W, 200W and 100W motors
  • 23-bit multi-turn absolute encoder
  • 350% overload
  • Internal drive protection functions
  • Comprehensive tuning technology
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Matched with MXL motors
  • I-0 functions handled by motion controller as part of the DX series ‘Everything you need nothing more’ concept

Manufactured by: Trio
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Trio DX5