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JACTON JT Worm Screw Jack

JACTON JT Worm Screw Jack series is designed for heavy loads up to 100 ton intended to replace USA and some European jacks that have different mounting dimensions.

They utilise all the features and benefits of JTW series except incorporate tapered roller bearings in place of ball thrust bearings to provide additional lateral support to the lift screw.

Tapered roller bearings are also used on the worm shafts to provide extra shaft support where high external loads exist.

Key Features:

  • 12 sizes with load capacities from ½ ton to 100 ton
  • Choice of 3 worm gear ratios
  • Anti-rotation design option
  • Single start screw leads standard. Customised high lead screws are available.
  • Screw end configurations include top plate, plain, threaded, and clevis ends.
  • Can be connected together in systems to enable multiple units to be synchronised to operated and controlled together, see below System Arrangement catalogue here for typical arrangements.
  • Many accessories are available, see Accessories catalogue here
  • Motor mounts available on request, see examples here

Manufactured by: JACTON
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

JACTON JTWorm Screw Jack