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Haydon Kerk Z-Theta Series

Haydon Kerk Z-Theta offers linear and rotary point-to-point motion in a compact footprint, providing flexibility, value, durability, and performance suited for a host of lab automation, semiconductor, and light factory automation applications.

The Z-Theta’s highly configurable design is ideal for easy integration into original equipment manufacturers’ assemblies. Unlike in-house designs comprised of multiple components that require added engineering, vendors, and assembly integration, Z-Theta is a modular “bolt-in” package that allows customers to benefit from reduced complexity.

At its core, Z-Theta features the patented ScrewRail® linear actuator, which combines guidance and linear transmission in a slender co-axial profile. Haydon Kerk Pittman’s unique dual-motion integration with a pair of stepper motors adds rotary (theta) motion in a manner that reduces motion system size by 50-80 percent and provides as much as a 60 percent overall cost reduction when compared to traditional design approaches.

Customers can further customize Z-Theta for their specific performance needs with a variety of lead screw resolutions, available free-wheeling and anti-backlash nut selections, stepper motor configuration options, and optical encoder line counts.

Manufactured by: Haydon Kerk
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Haydon Kerk Z-Theta Series