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Rollon O-Rail

Rollon’s O-Rail offers the maximum flexibility configuration due to the original shape of the guide with 3 raceways arranged at 90 ° to each other where on each of those can slide rollers R..43G series. Using a single guide, two, or more parallel guides, gives rise to a number of combinations capable of satisfying each specific need for linear motion and offering exceptional self-alignment capacity. O-Rail is constructed in high strength steel hardened with hardening treatments, for a further improvement of both performance and durability.

O-Rail is designed to be a strong and simple multitask linear system for larger handling and automation applications. It is an easy to assemble system, that offers smooth motion even on inaccurate surfaces.

Manufactured by: Rollon
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Rollon O-Rail
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