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Rollon Telescopic Line – General Catalogue

Rollon Telescopic Line – General Catalogue is a complete range for linear motion which reaches every customer:

Linear Line
Linear and curved guides with ball and roller bearings, with hardened raceways, high load capacities, self-alignment and capable of working in dirty environments.

Telescopic Line
Telescopic guides with ball bearings, with hardened raceways, high load capacities, and low bending, resistant to shocks and vibrations. For partial, total or extended extraction up to 200% of the length of the guide.

Actuator Line
Linear actuators with different guide configurations and drives, available with belt, screw or rack and pinion drives according to different needs in terms of precision and speed. Guides with bearings or ball recirculating systems for different load capacities and critical environments.

Actuator System Line
Integrated actuators for industrial automation, they find applications in numerous industrial sectors from machinery servo systems to high precision assembly systems, packaging lines and high speed production lines. It has evolved from Actuator Line series in order to meet the most demanding needs for our customers.

Manufactured by: Rollon
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Rollon General Catalogue