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Servomech Acme Screw Jacks

Servomech Acme Screw Jacks transform a rotary motion from an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor or even manual operation into a linear movement in a vertical (push-pull lifting) or horizontal position.

Screw jacks can be installed as a single unit or in lifting systems with different layouts connected by drives-shafts, couplings and bevel gearboxes. Screw jacks enable the synchronised constant movement of lifting systems even with a varying load.

Servomech screw jacks are able to work under either push or pull load conditions and mounted vertically upward, downward or horizontally.

Servomech screw jacks models are available in two models:

  • travelling screw
  • travelling nut

Servomech produces two screw jacks series MA and SJ both series are available in different sizes in order to obtain the most suitable size in terms of performances and costs for each application.

Manufactured by: Servomech
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Servomech Acme Screw Jacks