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Flennor Ball Reverser

Flennor Ball Reverser Actuator is a unique actuator which provides automatic reciprocating action. The Ball Reverser has a wide range of applications throughout many industries. There are six standard sizes: 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, and 2100, each offering two screw materials. The prefix BR designates alloy steel case hardened to 56-60 Rc. The prefix BRC designates stainless steel through hardened to 40-45 Rc.

A key element in the Ball Reverser’s function is the reversing sequence, as shown in Figure 2. The two slot balls move relative to the fixed ball as they follow the turnaround curve. The standard curve is designed for the optimum deceleration and acceleration of the mass for each size Ball Reverser according to the formulas shown. It is designated by the suffix “-1” in the part number; i.e., BR 1818 “-1”. Figure 3 shows turnaround cures for special applications which require engineering review in order to maintain appropriate design limits.

The load and lie selection process which follows will determine which size BR or BRC is suitable for your application. Ball Reverser life is rated in L10 hours of the nut assembly or screw, whichever is lower. The L10 life is defined as the number of hours that 90 percent of the units will exceed without failure. All life calculations are based on a “friendly environment,” i.e., proper lubrication and alignment, no shock loading or other abnormal conditions.

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Flennor Ball Reverser