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ELAP PD/PE Incremental Linear Transducer

ELAP PD/PE Incremental Linear Transducer are widely employed on industrial operating machines, linear motion potentiometers are specially designed to measure and control linear displacements in absolute mode.

ELAP potentiometers range includes a variety of mechanical sizes and strokes to meet any application requirement: there are square or round section potentiometers, with different sizes and measuring strokes ranging from 25 to 950 mm. Different options are available for the connectors type.

All the types are designed for industrial applications, and offer excellent reading accuracy and repeatability, speed and resistance to shocks and vibrations.

The conductive plastic resistive element grants the potentiometers a long life, high independent linearity and virtually infinite resolution. The standard resistive value is 5 KOhm, but 10 KOhm is also available on request.

The mounting method – by steel brackets, ball joints or screw nut – is extremely easy.

Several fittings are available: ball joints, self-aligning joints, feeler pin and springs for the rod return.

All the potentiometers avail on a stout aluminium housing which ensures high protection against environmental agents, and makes them fit to severe applications, even outdoor.

Manufactured by: ELAP SpA
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

ELAP PD/PE incremental Linear Transducer
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