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Harowe (Delevan)

Harowe (Delevan) Resolvers for Position, Commutation and Velocity Feedback

Resolvers are self-contained feedback devices that are rugged, reliable and ideal for demanding environments. Unlike optical encoders they provide an analogue signal with infinite resolution.  Not only can the output signal be converted to precise digital position information, but it also provides an accurate velocity signal eliminating the need for using separate tachometer.  Reliability is enhanced using the same resolvers for speed feedback and commutation.

API Delevan’s modular approach allows the designers to easily select a single or multi-speed resolver that will meet almost any desired level of accuracy.  The resolvers are designed in the most commonly used frame sizes: 8, 10, 11, 15, 21 & others.  All housed models feature high quality motor-grade or instrument grade ball bearings.  The heavy-duty size 25 units are enclosed in rugged black anodized aluminium housings with either flange, face or servo-type mounting and utilize MS-style connectors.


  • Single – and Multi-speed electrical configurations
  • Patented Flux Shield technology
  • Frequencies up to 10 kHz
  • Tooth-wound winding construction available
  • Brush and brushless configurations


  • Motor commutation and velocity feedback
  • Engine fuel control
  • Missile fin actuator control
  • Hydraulic system control
  • Target acquisition system

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API Delevan Resolvers