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ESTUN Summa Servo Drives & Motors

ESTUN Summa ED3L series servo is ESTUN fully new series of strategic products which designed based on latest SUMMA platform. ED3L inherits the product advantages of the SUMMA platform in terms of high precision, high responsiveness and intelligent applications, and at the same time, it has carried out in-depth optimisation and upgrading of the solution to achieve a super cost-effective design.


  • Current loops cycle 62.5us, faster response and better performance
  • EtherCAT minium communication cycle 125us
  • Achieve full frequency vibration suppression from 1Hz to 5000Hz
  • Auto tuning supported
  • Offline automatic parameter tuning
  • Comprehensive protection function design
  • Support USD and FEO online upgrade
  • Suppport long electic lock applciation
  • Supports common DC bus applications
  • Tully new ESView V4 debugging software

Manufactured by: ESTUN
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

ESTUN Summa ED3L Series

ESTUN ProNet Servo Motors & Drives

ESTUN high-performance servo systems are the optimised servo solution for motion control applications. High response control signal capability brings more sensitive control accuracy. The vibration suppression function greatly improves the production efficiency. Small volume brings more convenient system layout. Smarter tuning-free mode brings the most convenient user experience. The new wrap-around protection system maximises they safety of equipment.

ESTUN Digital Servo Drives are a complete range of AC servo drives up to 22kW for 240 volt single phase or 415 volt 3 phase AC power supply.

Model choices include EtherCAT and/or Safe Torque Off (STO) with incremental or absolute encoder feedback.

Current ratings from 3 to 55 amp continuous with 3x peak torque.

Manufactured by: ESTUN
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited


ESTUN Motion Control Products

ESTUN Motion Control Products Brochure consists of the following:

  • Motion Control Family
  • Controller Products
  • Smart Control Unit
  • Servo Drive & Servo Motor
  • Model comparison table
  • Accessories

Manufactured by: ESTUN
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited