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Motor Power Penta DC Brush Motor

Motor Power Penta DC Brush Motor series comprises 7 frame sizes with a power range from 45 to 1500 Watt, speeds to 3,000 rpm, numerous voltage choices from 12 to 180 Vdc, metric motor mounts and optional brake and feedback devices.

They were created after careful market analysis and represents the right balance of performance, price and quality.

Thanks to components such as copper-silver commutator, long-life brushes and ferrite permanent magnets, which are magnetized and calibrated in place, the PENTA series assures high performance competitiveness.

Options include failsafe brakes, various shaft and flange choices as well as feedback devices to provide brushed servo motor performance.

Manufactured by: Motor Power
Sold and Serviced by Motion Technologies Pty Limited

Motor Power Penta DC Brush Motor