Haydon Kerk Linear Motion Catalogue & Design Guide for Actuators & Drives – Part 2

The stepper linear actuator product line offers an effective solution that simplifies the conventional way of translating rotary into linear motion. The rotary-to-linear conversion is unique; it takes place within the motor itself therefore eliminating the use of belts and pulleys, rack and pinion and other mechanical components. There’s a detailed tutorial at the beginning of Section 2 that explains the technology. There are 2 sub-families of stepper motor actuators (Product Summary on page 56) Hybrid Linear Actuators (Overview on page 75) Footprint: 21 mm to 87 mm (0.8-in to 3.4-in) square Force Output: 2 N to 2200 N (0.5 lb to 500 lb) Linear Travel/step: 1.5 to 127 microns/step (0.00006-in to 0.005-in)/step Can-Stack Linear Actuators (Overview on page 130) Footprint: 15 mm to 46 mm (0.59-in to 1.8-in) diameter Force Output: 7 N to 260 N (1.6 lb to 58 lb) Linear Travel/step: 20 to 400 microns/step (0.0008-in to 0.016-in)/step

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